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Hello everybody! I want to send to all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If 2012 is the end of world (when I was a kid it would be 2000 but whatever), well WELCOME END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thousands of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!

People from NY and LA

Hi,everybody! Who lives in NY, be aware! In November 11th, the Brazilian Blockbuster "ELITE SQUAD 2" will be released on movies and a week later it will be LA. That's the most succesful production of Brazil and the MOST WATCHED MOVIE OF ALL TIME HERE! That's include TITANIC and AVATAR. This mmovie will be Brazil's represetant in Oscar, I don't know if it will be among the final 5, but one thing I tell you: if you have a chance to watch this, do it. If you liked Fernando Meirelles' CITY OF GOD, well... prepare yourself. José Padilha's masterpiece will capture you. But I'm warning: it's a punch "right there".

Writer's Block: Freaky Friday

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?

No, I don't think so. First, I'm very satisfied with my own gender. Second, I'm not onto this "one sex do something better than the other". I'm a bit feminist but feminism = equality, not superiority. Everyone has strentghs and failures. It's about the person and what her/his choices are not gender.

Happy Holidays

Hey, I wish you all a very happy Easter (Mine certainly is, I'm in my beach house, having a good tan).

Elizabeth Taylor

RIP, Liz. We're going to miss you. Very much.

Writer's Block: As primitive as can be

For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?

I'll spend the day reading. Going to a mall. Going to the movies. Visiting museums or art galleries. Talking to friends. Really, it's far from being a problem for me stay a day without theses things.

SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m repeating what most people say about the beginning: we have the trio in their homes, something that will very soon stay in past. Between the three of them, Hermione is the one that have the most difficult task – erase her parents’ memories, specially the ones of hers. Harry, with a tiny shake of his head when he visited his cupboard, his “real” place in that house for years, suddenly realizes that time did not appeared to be so difficult right now. Ron is looking ahead, but his mother asking him to tell his father that dinner is already ready appears to be something so distant, like a parallel reality. And then, the movie begins.

First we have Snape’s arrival. Well, Alan Rickman is THE GUY, best actor of the whole series, but the moment belonged to Jason Isaacs. Lucius Malfoy’s decadence was there, in his smallest gesture. If with his expression about his characters humiliation tells the audience everything about what’s happening to his family status, unfortunately the producers seem to ignore the audience that are following HP series by the movies only. That’s my major complain. That was clear that Snape belongs to the good guys side, even if he doesn’t do anything to help his colleague Charity Burbage.

To use a character, it must have a purpose. Why Bill and Fleur? Just because it’s in the books? And Bill bitten by Greyback? What’s for? It’s in the books, not in the movies! In my opinion, their wedding should be substituted by Lupin’s and Tonks’ wedding. They’re characters that are already there. They were introduced before and had a continuation even if it was in a small role. To complete the seven Potters? Alright, use some anonymous members of the order, or even some 7th year student, like Cho, for example. It’s a war and teenage hood are ending faster than the situation asks. Mundungus Fletcher could have been briefly introduced in OOTP movie just to situate him a little here. The movies aren’t made for non-readers. Instead of following the continuity of the previous movie, they decide to follow the book.


I believe that there’s no need to say about the veterans. They rock and like I told before, Jason Isaacs was perfect in the now public humiliated Lucius Malfoy, whose family are in disgrace with The Dark Lord. David O’Hara, as Runcorn or Polyjuiced Harry was very funny too.
Ok, let’s talk about the trio. If someone ask me what I liked most about the movie, I’ll say it was the trio chemistry. Daniel Radcliffe is not a naturally talented actor but he’s a hard worker and this is all acting is about: 10% of inspiration and 90% of transpiration. He knows his character and he’s not afraid in put his all. People who talk about his “limitations” as an actor should think better. He’s improving each work. And if being good is being naturally gifted, so I really don’t know what acting is and wasted 24 years of my life in it. The same I say about Rupert Grint. I could see more than one expression for each emotion. Like Radcliffe, he’s a hard worker. Naturally gifted by comedy this time he showed that he could handle drama and comedy the same way. Now, about Emma Watson. Sigh. The naturally gifted the three of them, in the other movies, she, on the contrary of the boys, wasn’t 100% there and she confessed this in a interview that she was more focused in studies. In DH, this was over. Emma was 100% there. I can’t remember right now just one scene that I thought “Hum, she could do this way”. Not one. Emma showed maturity in her acting and include saved the torture scene, I’ll explain later. If I saw before a natural talented girl but a medium actress, I can say now that I’m seeing a great actress in making. She showed what she is capable of. Well, I don’t have to say that my favorite part was exactly the one most critics hated most: when they were alone. There was no action to show, but the dynamics of a young trio that is improving more and more. For me, they all deserve five stars.

SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the scenes

If I had to talk about each scene, I’ll have to had a very, super, hyper, mega, giga memory and I’ll end this comments by the time of the 2nd part release. So, let’s talk about some of them.

1 – The Wedding. It served of it proposes, not that rushed. Actually, the book wasted too much time in the preparations of the wedding and put not enough when they where camping. For me, what was showed satisfied.

2 – Hermione’s parents. One of Emma’s best scenes, it showed the heartbroken girl doing what she could to save her family. Simple and sad. Perfect.

3 – Seven Potters. First comic relief. If I’m not mistaken, a polyjuiced person speaks both with her/his voice and the one’s she/he is impersonating.

4 – Harry’s dreams. – A little confusing for someone who hasn’t read the books. Well done, but it has this little detail.

5 – Harry’s escape (or almost) – Good thing showing the boys’ dynamics without Hermione. Harry inviting only Ron, show how much he trusted him (and it happens in the books). Since it’s R/Hr, they made it right showing Ron being the one that depends on her emotionally most.

6 – Attack in the bar. – I don’t remember hearing they saying Voldermort’s name, but the movie was full, people were whispering, I probably missed it. Good thing not making the waitress’ run a caricature. She acted exactly a person who sees this kind of trouble does.

7 – Kreacher, Dobby and Mudungus – Interesting solution in re-introducing Dobby to the plot putting the two elves working on him.

8 – Mafalda, Cattermole and Runcorn – The three actors that did the trio polyjuiced were very good. Needless to say that the escape which in the book is very dramatic, became very funny, especially when Mary Cattermole kisses her “husband”.

9 – Splinched Ron – Excellent! Rupert really appears to be in great suffering and Emma showed Hermione’s desperation while taking care of him. The beginning of their real problems.

10 – Horcrux effects. – I liked the way they conducted this. First they showed Ron’s first signs of aggressivity in the bar. After they showed Harry losing his head with Hermione because of the Horcrux. Only after this the effects started to appear in Ron. But the trio’s mood were showed before. They are three teens far from home, scared, freezing, unsure of everything. First showed what behavior the dark object would increase. It worked better than in the books.

11 – Harry’s and Ron’s fight. – Even if the construction of Ron’s jealousy, increased by the horcrux was well done, showing it appearing not out of nowhere, their fight was too rushed. It could be more dramatic.

12 – Godric’s Hollows graveyard. – The point of having Daniel Radcliffe there and not some other actor acting like a polyjuiced Harry was to make his meeting with the physical part of his parents an emotional moment, it was too rushed too. Alright, the previous scene was a beautiful H/Hr moment to satisfy H/Hr shippers, the point of this scene is having Harry reflecting about his life and his first thought of how it would have been better for him to have died that day. It’s having wishing he was dead and have his one of the two people that taught him love at his side showing he was wrong. It’s a scene about hope.

13 – Bathilda Bagshot – That was enough. No need to more than what was showed.

14 – Silver doe and Ron’s return. – Exactly like was in the book. Ron appears out of nowhere, just like in the books. It doesn’t felt bad for me, especially after Ron’s explanation on how the deluminator really worked. It sound like a fairy tale and that was interesting exactly because of this.

15 – Xenophilus Lovegood – Good thing resolve two situations condensing them in one. Know about the Deathly Hallows and attract the snatchers was an interesting solution. But the best part was “the three brother tale” being showed as a cartoon while is narrated by Hermione. One of the best moment of the movie. A great catch.

16 – Trio hunted – Hunted and capture like animals, as it was showed by Ron’s capture. Hermione hexing Harry’s face was another attempt by her part to save his life, sacrificing her. Probably justifying why in the beginning Harry wanted to go away alone but accepted Ron’s help, leaving Hermione behind, even knowing that they couldn’t make it without her. Harry knows his friends. By one point he knew she would do something like this sooner or later.

17 – Dobby’s death – Another trio moment. Even though in the book everyone in the house (except Ollivander and the Griphook) attended the funeral in the book, in the movie were another trio quest, showing that they are a unit divided in three people.

18 – The stealing of the Elder Wand. – Just to show that, for now it’s Voldermort 1 X O trio.

19 – My two bittersweet moments – No one talked about them, but I liked very much two specific moments. The first one is when Ron arrives from the seven Potters adventure. Hermione receives him. Seeing that his two best friends are fine, Harry breaks all walls and runs to them evolving Ron and Hermione in a very emotional hug, catching the two of them by surprise since they are not used to see him displaying affection like that. That gesture showed how much these two people matter for him. No words. Just an action. The second one is after Ron returns for good and gives Harry the extra wand he has. Harry test the wand and almost burn the tent. Hermione, of course, enter to see what they’re doing. Our boys display their first sign of “domestication”. No need to say who wear the pants there. Why I like this scene? The familiar behavior they showed. They are living together now. They are a family.
This is my critics of the newest HP movie. I'll divide it in 3 parts.



Now specific scenes:

The dancing scene

Well, the most commented scene of all and the best one in the movie not only because of the great chemistry between DR and EW but it’s a bittersweet moment that could be done in the movie because the movies made a better job in making R/Hr realistic, even if they still failed with H/G. Here there isn’t any writer working hard to soften two characters natural chemistry. So things could be more realistic about two teenagers kids completely alone in a dark time, having only each other to rely on now.
Why the scene is beautiful? First, we don’t have a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers moment. DR dances horribly and there was a choreographer for this scene. But normal people mostly dances like this and his absence of rhythm with Emma following his lead, instead of leading (she’s the one that knows how to dance) give them time to tell a story only with body language. No words needed.
Then the unthinkable happens. A weakness moment, a careless moment, an intimacy moment awakens suddenly a desire and Harry almost kiss her. For a moment, Hermione hesitates, almost give in, and then, she leaves before do something she’ll probably sorry later. Hermione’s feelings for Ron are very well defined in the movies. Since the books are from Harry’s POV, we have what he believes and Hermione sometimes showed some mixed hints for both boys. She was very jealous of Ron but sometimes she showed some strange reactions to Harry. JK herself confessed her trying to downplay them, hence the absence of reactions in some moments that for me appeared too forced and the author’s confession later showed why. Well, in the movie there’s no duel between writer and character (I’m a writer myself and I know that this happens). Harry and Hermione are alone, scared, feeling a mix of things that get worse because of the horcrux, they’re in the middle of nowhere and, unlike us, didn’t read the 7th book and don’t know that, some pages later, Ron will be back to them. They give in to the moment.
Hermione is the one that takes control, not because of her feelings for Ron, or at least not only because of it. She knows what can happen. They have nothing to lose and she knows that Harry and she are more alike than it appears. At that moment, they absolutely have nothing, except each other. Why is she the one that take the control? Harry loves Ginny less than she loves Ron (well, probably)? No. girls are culturally trained that they are the ones that must stay on control and boys do expected them to do it because they are conditioned to act like this.

Horcrux scene

I confess that when I read the book, I imagined the horcrux being more subtle with Ron, more seductive and insistent than aggressive. Of course what works on the books do not work on the movies. That explosion followed by the aggressive words without giving time to Ron to think was perfect. It showed without giving the boy time to breathe all his horrors, and the part that the spiders appeared and run to him, deconstructed any small hint of resistance that could still have been inside Ron, before show that last straw: his deepest fear of being betrayed. It’s more than being the least in preference: Harry and Hermione together represent a betrayal of love and friendship.

Torture scene

Well, this one was a lot better in the books. I don’t know what passed in Yates’ mind when he directed this scene, but where was the boys’ reaction of listening Hermione’s screams? OK, HBC and EW did this scene continually, but it doesn’t mean that the boys’ scene was being taped at the same time, right?
First of all, I have to say that EW acting in this scene was her best. She not only dealt with it perfectly but saved the scene at all. She made it believable, and what make this scene one of the best is because it’s her best acting ever.
In another LJ, it was commented that it appeared that Bellatrix was biting Hermione. Hermione is on the floor and Bellatrix is over her. I have some comments to make about this scene and it was a very disturbing one. Well that LJ called my attention about the absence of cruciatus curse. And it’s right. Bella didn’t crucio Hermione.
First of all I want to make clear that's JUST an interpretation. Actually I didn't think about this until I was going to sleep. It suddenly came up to my mind out of nowhere.
OK, let's go to the polemic. In my opinion, there was no cruciatus curse in this scene. The torture was much more disturbing and much more degrading than this.
Do you remember Emma's face when the boys appeared? The first thing I saw was the shock. Than, the silent tears showing the humiliation, following the word "mudblood" written in her arms. Clearly Hermione was degraded and humiliated to the point that she couldn't even reacted.
We saw her laid on the floor and Bellatrix over her in a position that made many of us think that she was biting Hermione. Hermione crying and begging her to stop. Bellatrix face over her.
Has any of you get where I want to go? What Greyback and co. wanted to do to her in the books?
The word "mudblood" in her arm, written probably by her own blood, like it happened to Harry when he was in detention with Umbridge. I remember reading somewhere that the blood words in Harry's hand could be understood by the boy being deflowered by an older woman (an abusive deflowering) obsessed (yeah, in that way!) by a 15 year old kid.
Hermione is degraded and humiliated on the floor. What degrades and humiliates a woman most? That's right. Rape. I don't know if it was the director's intention, but that is how I read that scene. It's not so rare (very unfortunately) we read about child sexual abuse made by women. That's why I concluded that this was the type of torture Bellatrix did to Hermione.
How the best way to degraded and humiliate a "mudblood"? It’s raping her.
Of course it's my interpretation of the absence of crutiatus, Hermione's screams, her crying but no other physical reaction, and how she was physically strong by the time of Dobby's bury (she carried him, remember?), but not of the absence of the boys reactions to her screams. That I put the blame on the director.


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